Digital Trolley Care LLP is a subsidiary of Ambika Press Metals
(CopyRight No. L-71471/2017)

Is An Excellent Service Provider For Maintenance & Repair of Trolly, Pallet & Material Handling Equipments Through The Medium of App.
  • Trollies repair & maintenance issue – downtime of trollies
  • These effects in investment for standby/ stopgap adjustment
  • Losses affecting as –
    • Production loss due to supply issues on time.
    • Parts damaged due to poor handling ( rework/rejection cost).
    • Underutilization of transporting vehicle (excess expenditure in fuel/manpower).
    • Monitoring & controlling trollies.
    • Inventory management of trollies.
    • History of maintenance.
    • Asset tracking.

Current Process

  • Non-Value added activity (MUDA & MURI)
  • Information trickling from end-user to manufacturing takes time & has to pass to layer after layer, end-user has no control on the issue
  • There is no defined time frame for resolving the issue
  • Resource needs to deployed for capturing, follow-up & resolve issues (tracking).

Process - Details

  • Generate QR Code
  • Fix QR Code on trolley (end-user needs to download __________app from Google play store)
  • End-user scan QR code on the trolley.
  • Apps will encode QR code & forward details to the server (SMS alert will be sent to user & back-office)
  • A browser opens in mobile phone with the URL
  • User-specific service (e.g, Location, user profile information) are registered on server & database (SMS alert will be sent to user & back-office)
  • Service info will be registered on the server and update to back-office & forward to Service team with SMS alert ( same will be updated to end-user with service team details)
  • The service team will attain & complete service.
  • The service team will update the service report & upload it on the server, the same info will be passed on to the end-user.

1. High Overhead Expenses
2. Asset Management is a big task
3. Clash of responsibility – theft/damage/mishandling accountability deficit
4. Needs to involve multiple agency – Production / Quality / Process / Logistic / Purchase / Finance – Synergy is time consuming.
5. No control over downtime. (Maximise Asset Blockage)
6. Measuring efficiency is a challenge, as due to ownership difficult, leads to high asset Investment
7. Challenge in managing trolley & tracking location. (OEM/Tier1…Tire2…)
8.Need to deploy separate team for managing repair/maintenance activity – no control on spares/time
9. Needs to develop an effective process – involvement of maintenance / Industrial Engg dept (Multiple follow-up points – week links).

1. Reduction in Overhead expenses (Outsourced Module).
2. Easy to identity the Trolley / Pallets. (Effective Asset Management)
3. Precise responsibility defined – theft / damage / mishandling easily identified (accountability defined)
4. Easy Complaint tracking with pictorial support. (User Friendly)
5. Reduction in downtime. (Minimum asset Blockage)
6. Increase in efficiency. (Hign Uptime) – reduction in Asset Investment
7. Easy asset tracking during the external audit.
8. Trouble-free maintenance.
9. User friendly process.